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A Little History

After cancer took Doug's wife several years ago, he began searching for spiritual healing -l something that would fill the emptiness. One afternoon, while surfing on Youtube, Doug tapped into the video of someone playing Native American Flute. The melodious beauty from this ancient instrument stirred his soul, and something deep inside of Doug spoke to him. It told him he had found that something he had been searching for.  Soon afterwards, Doug found High Spirit Flutes online, which is a Native American Flute company in Arizona. 

Odell Borg, an accomplished Native American flute player in his own right, also  creates and sells beautiful high quality flutes. Doug called-in an order in immediately, and in a couple of days, his beautiful cedar A Flute arrived, complete with a CD Video.  Doug listened to the instruction video intently, and the learning process of how to play this most ancient of musical instruments began. It did not happen for Doug right away, but Odell's video assured him that practice would pay high dividends. Odell was right, and it wasn't long before Doug was playing Native American Flute as though he had always known how. More importantly, the spiritual healing had begun. It seemed as though Doug had a natural (or ancestral) talent for the instrument, and soon he was composing his own songs. The many years that Doug worked as a professional musician would come in handy in the years ahead. This is evident in the videos at the bottom of this page.

A Short Story

Walking together, a few years ago, one of Doug's best friends asked... "Since you're playing Native American Flute now, what's gonna be your Indian name?" Doug thought about that for a few seconds, and replied... "Douglas Snow Eagle."  This became the corner stone for Snow Eagle Productions.​ 


Original Native American Flute Song

Composed & Recorded by Douglas Snow Eagle


Original Native American Flute Song  

Composed & Recorded Douglas Snow Eagle

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