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Doug Hughes & Lynda Gayle

Melody River Duo

Doug Hughes and Lynda Gayle were good friends for over 40 years, before they married on January 31, 2014. Due to the loss of their spouses to cancer, and after an appropriate amount of time, they agreed to spend time together. After all, they already loved each other (as friends) for so many years. Doug and Linda met while working in the music business, and their long-lasting friendship was soon to follow. That's why falling in love was an easy step for them, and they have been happy together ever since.

One evening, while sitting around the living room playing guitars and singing, Doug and Linda discovered that their voices blended well together. That's when they decided to combine their talents, and Melody River Duo was formed. Today, they share their music through social networks like Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and Facebook. To accomplish this dream, reviving Doug's project recording studio, "Snow Eagle Productions," became necessary.

Lynda Gayle

James and Linda Miller wasted no time entering the music business after their marriage, and Linda adopted the stage-name Lynda Gayle, which is still well-known within the music community today. James learned how to play bass-guitar, and eventually became so comfortable playing bass that he was able to help with the singing. James also played a vital role in helping Lynda Gayle maintain her band, as well as the many twists and turns of the music business. Lynda Gayle also plays percussion instruments and guitar. 

Eventually, Lynda Gayle signed with Bob Steele, a world-famous cowboy actor turned booking agent. That's when the music business took a serious turn for her, because Bob was determined to make her a star. Lynda Gayle quickly went from playing Nightclubs and Texas Dance Halls to performing on the stages of Las Vegas, and eventually in Canada. Bob Steele even had the opportunity to book her on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," but she declined the offer. When asked why she passed up the offer of a lifetime, Lynda Gayle replied... "I'm doing just fine playing music with my feet on the ground." 

A few years ago, James Miller lost his long battle with cancer and passed-away. He is missed by all of us knew him, and loved him.

Doug Hughes

Doug's father, Robert Douglas Hughes, died at the young age of 34, and was a guitar player by profession. Doug's mother, Florence Geneva Hughes, often played drums on the gigs with his father, but luckily, she was not in the car with him on the night of the fatal accident. 

Doug's mother never really stopped grieving the loss of his father, but she very quickly put a guitar in Doug's hands and told him he was going to learn to play it. After many grueling hours of practice, the days turned into months, and the months into years, and the rest is history. Doug became a well-known guitar player in the Central Texas area, but he also found success wherever he went. Doug played music from the East Coast to the West Coast, including Colorado Springs, Seattle, Nashville, and Branson. There was no doubt that Doug was a guitarist who could hold his own anywhere, and with anyone, in the music business. 

Recording Artists Doug Hughes Has Worked With:

  • Sammi Smith
  • Jeannie Shepard
  • Ronna Reeves
  • Jeannie Pruitt
  • Wanda Jackson
  • Frenchie Burke (Fiddle)
  • Shoji Tabuchi (Fiddle)
  • Chubby Wise (Fiddle)
  • Merle Travis (Renowned Guitarist)
  • Stony Edwards 
  • Johnny Duncan
  • Benny McArthur (Rainbow Band)
  • Johnny Rodriguez
  • Mark Wills
  • Buddy Allen
  • Tom Carlisle
  • Hank Thompson
  • Johnny Bush



To talk about Doug without mentioning his military service would be 

a serious oversight. It was 1966 when Doug was feeling the need 

to do something useful and adventurous with his life. So, he signed-up 

for 3 years in the U.S. Army, and consequently, 13 months in Vietnam. 

After Doug served 6 months duty in Bien Hoa, his unit (6/56th Artillery) deployed north by LST (ship) to Chu Lai. Immediately upon their arrival in Chu Lai, Doug was promoted to the rank of Spec 5 (E-5). 

After serving 7 months in Chu Lai, Doug's commander and a Sergeant Major offered to make him a hard stripe E-6 if he would stay with them another 6 months. Doug thought about it for 30 seconds, and replied... "Thank you Sir, but I would rather leave Vietnam "A Live E-5." The full-bird colonel failed to see the humor in Doug's statement.


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