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... and who we are:


I was born in Bryan, Texas in 1946, but I was raised in Waco, Texas. My mother was a country music drummer, which was rare in those days, and my father was a guitar player. They often took me with them when they traveled, and I have memories of a little cotton-headed boy killing time while they played their gigs. When I was very small, Mom would roll me in a blanket and lay me behind her drum-stool. Whenever possible, she would lay me under an up-right piano. I remember going to sleep listening to the music, but sometimes waking up to the sound of a bar fight. Oh,  those were the days! 

I served in the U.S. Army from 1966-1969, and fought in Vietnam from 1968-1969. I was awarded the Commendation Medal, and discharged with the Rank of Spec 5 (E-5). When I returned home from Vietnam, I found myself terribly alone, and not knowing which way to turn. Finally, I turned to a Telecaster Guitar & Fender Twin Amp

It wasn't very long before I landed a "six-nights a week sit-down job" at the famous "Western Club" in Waco, Texas. When a Texas Dance Hall called the "Cotton Palace" opened-up in Waco, I was hired to play guitar 6 nights a week with their house-band. My guitar playing improved quickly, and the rest is history. 

My following years could tell many stories, but it would take a book to write them down. Simply put... I've played guitar with with many different bands in many cities across the country, including Nashville, Branson, Seattle, Houston, and Austin. When another Texas Dance Hall called the "Silver Dollar" opened in Austin, and I was hired to play guitar 6 nights a week with their house-band. 

Between the nightclubs, dance halls, and touring the country on so many road-buses, I've played lead-guitar for the following Nashville Recording Artists: Sammy Smith, Johnny Bush, Frenchie Burke, Shoji Tabuchi, Johnny Duncan, Chubby Wise, Jeannie Pruitt, Johnny Rodriquez, Stony Edwards, Ronna Reeves, Tom Carlisle, Kenny Dale, and Merle Travis. 

* If I have the opportunity to say one last thing before my last dying breath, it will be... "Thank you Lord, I have lived!"


I was born in Waco, Texas in 1947,  where I grew up to become a local (but well-known) country & blues singer. I could never stand still for very long, so moving to the music became second-nature to me. Eventually, I was blessed to have my own band called "The Lynda Gayle Show." I'm told that my gift of laughter is contagious, and that must be true, because  it helped me entertain my audiences.

For many years I was married to a bass-guitar player named James Miller. James played an important role in my life, as well as in my band, while working local gigs, traveling around Central Texas, touring the United States, playing shows in Las Vegas, and taking live "Texas Music" to Canada. 

Our booking agent was a retired cowboy actor named Bob Steele, and he kept us busy on the road for several years. Bob was the same Bob Steele that we all enjoyed watching in so many old, but wonderful western movies.  

Before my "on-the-road" days, there were years of history. We spent many years playing music in the Central Texas area, as well as Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. The Fort Hood NCO Club was a landmark gig for me, because they always welcomed me with surprising fanfare. Around the Waco, Texas area, we worked many small clubs, as well as large dance halls like the "Western Club," and the "Cotton Palace," which would later be called the "Melody Ranch." The "Melody Ranch" eventually became two Texas Dance Halls. The original dance hall was located in Waco, and the other in Abilene. 

Over the years, our band backed-up several Nashville Recording Artists, but the highlight of my life happened when Willie Nelson invited me to sing on-stage with him. I was extremely nervous, but after all,  I was only 12 years old.

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